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每日 CO2 


A reminder that our world is pushing the planet's thermostat beyond safe levels of 350 ppm CO2, and that more people are needed to combine our ingenuity and resources to keep the present overshoot brief.

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資料來源: NOAA GML (Mauna Loa 天文台)
Units: parts per million (ppm)


This table presents the latest, daily average reading for atmospheric CO2 on the planet.  Updates happen once a day with few exceptions.


CO2 是值得關注的數字

When the trend for atmospheric CO2 trend begins to falter and fall, we can expect global average temperature to follow.  For those who care about the sustainability of the planet, and who want it to remain a place where people can flourish, the measured CO2 levels in the atmosphere serve as the single best, real-time signal of whether the world as a whole is on track to a safe future, or needing to do more to get on track. 


了解有關大氣的更多信息 CO2 閱讀與穩定

  • CO2 記錄  Track the record highs for atmospheric CO2 levels, and compare them with the latest CO2 reported readings.
  • CO2 問與答  的問題和答案 所有的東西 CO2:從測量和跟踪到目標和解決方案。
  • CO2 廣播  廣播機構,發布者,博客作者和其他共享資源的人的資源中心 CO2 向世界中的人們發出信號。 




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